Zundel’s Jewelry has been serving the Mobile and Gulf Coast area for over 85 years. We pride ourselves on offering the very best service in every aspect of our business. Our goal is to take care of the customer and their pieces on every occasion, no matter how large or small, and we offer an array of services to meet our customer’s needs.

Zundel’s has three AGS registered jewelers on staff available to appraise your jewelry. Appraisals are by appointment and pieces will need to be left with Zundel’s while the appraisals are being completed. All items purchased from Zundel’s will be appraised free of charge.

Appraisals are written statements of the type, design, quality and value of a specific piece of jewelry. Most appraisals are for insurance or estate purposes and the value of the jewelry is based accordingly. An accurate, detailed appraisal is needed to protect your interest in the event of loss, theft or damage to your jewelry.

Zundel’s jewelry has a full in house repair shop to accommodate all of your repair needs. From simple chain breaks to major restorations, our goal is to treat each piece like a priceless heirloom. Our staff is available to offer time and price estimates during business hours.

Zundel’s offers a complete, in house, professional custom design shop. Our staff is available to help in the design of individual and unique pieces to fit your needs using your stones or ours. We can alter existing pieces to fit your current needs or build a one of kind piece from the ground up.

Zundel’s offers a full cleaning and polishing service. This service is typically used when there is no need for repair service and the piece just needs a little TLC to put it back into showroom condition.

Zundel’s can restore antique and estate jewelry to its original condition. Older pieces present a unique challenge as they will need structural stability to be safely worn, but they also need to be repaired and restored in a manner that does not alter or change the look of the original piece. Our staff has extensive expertise and experience in the restoration of older and antique jewelry.

Zundel’s offers a full pearl string service. Pearl necklaces and bracelets need to be restrung after a period of time to prevent the strand from breaking. When a noticeable gap begins to form between individual pearls it is usually time for restringing. All pearls will be strung with knots between each pearl for added security.

Since 1935 Zundel’s has been helping brides select table appointments and personal gifts that will enhance their life style. Our professional bridal consultants are available to help brides select patterns, blend new patterns with family heirlooms and select gifts for attendants and hostesses. And of course we are happy to answer any questions concerning traditions or etiquette.

As a Zundel’s registered bride you have the confidence in knowing that each gift purchased is carefully recorded, gift wrapped and delivered. Our exchange policy allows brides to return gifts in order to even out their patterns or choose other items they need.

We recognize each bride is unique and deserves personal attention. We endeavor to make the registry experience stress free and enjoyable.

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Zundel’s offers an in store Wish Book to keep a record of your favorite pieces. Our staff is very discrete and we never contact anyone about entries in the Wish Book; but if that special someone comes in and inquires about an entry we are more than happy to help. We encourage everyone to make a few entries and it never hurts to make several; there is always an occasion for jewelry.